Monday 23 April 2018

Short Observations

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JMH International Essays — Announcement

Original Essays on the Psychology of Anger and/or Violence 

We thank all those who have submitted an essay to the JMH International Prize Essay Contest. As of now, February 1, 2017, we have decided not to continue with the contest.

For those who feel they have an important contribution to the subject of the Psychology of Anger and/or Violence, please feel free to submit your essay with the form provided here. If the judges agree that the essay is a significant contribution, we will publish it here (subject to agreement with the author).

We include here links related to past essays — For the 2014 contest, click here for the summary article and here for the list of winners; for the 2015 contest, click here for the summary article and the list of winners; and for the 2016 contest, click here.

Longer Observations

Longer observation (6): Everything is Real: Speaking informally, in ordinary language, not scientifically or even logically, we can say, from a psychological angle, that everything is real, but, at the same time, it is also part of the Imagination, part of our Thoughts, and filled with our Feelings and Emotions.

Everything is part of the past, part of Memory, and a piece of the Future. Though everything is real, some things are more permanent than others, are more public, can be counted and measured. Other things can't are ephemeral, private, can't be measured. Some things hurt and are powerful and dangerous, and others are fun and weak. That said, and now being more careful and scientific and discriminating, there is no question that some things aren't real, such as dream figures and hallucinatory figures, that reality is not filled with Feelings, that thoughts take place in the head and that Imagination is completely different from Sensations and Feelings. If you say that there are things that aren't real (say dream figures), then you are denying and running away from them, and this is a psychological problem that can lead to real trouble. But if you think they are real you are in danger of not differentiating between dreams and reality, and you can get into all kinds of psychological trouble going that way also.

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