Psychological Exercise 4: If you believed in omens

Let's say that you walk outside and see, in a tree across from where you live, 20 or 30 agitated crows, squawking. If you believe in omens, do you think you would take this as a good or bad omen?

"Big" Dream 7 (May, 2016)

(from the series of "Big" dreams)

This dreamer is a 73 year old intellectual. He has been quite upset about the rise of Donald Trump to political power. In waking life, the dreamer is fascinated by the rise of fascism in Germany and Italy and has often wondered if fascism could appear in the United States.

"Big" Dream 8 (November 13, 2016)

(from the series of "Big" dreams)

This dream occurred five nights after the election day that gave Donald Trump the presidency of the United States.