• A Psychological Look at Language

    A Psychological Look at Language

  • Dances with Wolves

    Dances with Wolves: A Psychological Review

    (Published in the Los Angeles Times, March 18, 1991)

    Psychologists analyze conflicts within people, and so it might seem they would not have much to say about Dances with Wolves, a film about conflicts between people — between Indians and U.S. cavalry soldiers.

  • Language

  • Law of Metaphors

    The Law of Metaphors:

    In order to describe the contents of your own mind or someone else's mind, you have to use metaphors.

  • Metaphor and the Imagination

    Metaphor and Imagination

    By Thomas R. Hersh

    Copyright 2011

  • Metaphors in Psychological Speech

  • Short idea 010

    Short idea (10): In every conversation there are things unstated and un-statable. In every thought process there is something unthinkable. There are things we aren't grasping, can't grasp, and never will be able to grasp — no matter how confident and optimistic we are feeling at any particular moment.